3,096 Sq Ft. down the (sink) hole, so who pays?

(via WFLA)

Victoria and Adam Cooper bought their dream home last December.

The 3,096 square foot home on 2.4 acres in Spring Hill seemed to have everything they were looking for. There was lots of room for their children and new granddaughter and a gorgeous swimming pool overlooking a private pond – perfect for their disabled adult daughter’s aquatic therapy.


But, their new home came with a dangerous secret: the previous homeowners had already been paid $155,000 for a sinkhole insurance settlement. Instead of making repairs, the couple pocketed the money and sold the sinkhole house for $275,000.

“I can’t sleep at night,” Victoria Cooper said. “This is a nightmare.”

8 On Your Side investigative reporter, Shannon Behnken went on a hunt for the previous homeowners and tracked them down at their new home, a sprawling estate near Orlando more than 109 miles away.

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