After Hurricane Irma:  

hurricane irma

What should Managers and Board Members do when Property Damage Occurs?

After the devastation caused by Irma, it is crucial for managers to take the proper measures to ensure their properties are safe.

While structural damages can be repaired, injuries resulting from negligence can prove costly to the association.

Managers should consider following these important steps after a loss due to a Hurricane.


  • Report the claim to the insurance agent and carrier by telephone and email or facsimile immediately, and request verification that they received the notice.
  • Take several photographs or videos of the losses in an effort to support your claim.
  • Act fast to prevent any additional damage.
  • If a contractor makes emergency or temporary repairs, these repairs should be limited to mitigating further damage until inspections are completed by the insurance carrier.
  • The association should always save evidence of any losses. As example: Do not discard any damaged windows, doors, lobby furnishings, broken pipes, etc. until the insurance company approves in writing that it is acceptable to do so.
  • Maintain all receipts associated with the repairs.
  • Consult a professional about your responsibilities as a policy holder. As example, some policies require filing a claim within 60 days of the loss, otherwise the claim maybe denied.
  • Be careful in entering any agreements with their insurer, or contracts for repairs, and to contact the Firm if they have any questions or need assistance

FL Legal Group handles a wide spectrum of legal counseling on the topics of condominium, cooperative, time shares, homeowners associations, property management firms and master associations.

Our Community Association attorney, Nicki Fernandez Asmer, plays an integral part of our client’s professional team. We assist the board and its management companies while preparing for, and conducting their meetings.

We equip them with the answers needed when faced with questions about documents or pertinent law.

We help to enforce covenants and restrictions, and assist the drafting and negotiating of contracts for provision of services. Attorney Asmer is responsible for providing legal counsel to the officers and directors of the association, as well as the manager on the operation.

FL Legal Group also works closely with the Firm’s other practice groups including Collection/Foreclosure, Covenant Enforcement, and Construction Law to be sure that all of the Association’s legal needs are met in the most     responsive, professional, and cost effective way possible.

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