Annual Tampa Bay Condo & HOA Expo

tampa bay condo hoa expo

Annual Tampa Bay Condo & HOA Expo On 10/20/ 2017, FL Legal Group’s Attorney Nicki F. Asmer presented a course discussing “Collections: Financial Management” at the Annual Tampa Bay Condo & HOA Expo.

The course is approved by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations, and the Department of Condominium and Coops in Florida.

Attorney Asmer addressed different key topics: Learn how your condominium or HOA can collect maintenance from delinquent homeowners and the rights associations have under Florida Law. Topics also include the strategies and techniques to minimize losses and maximize assessment collection.

Nick Asmer Attorney

  • Bank Foreclosure in Florida
  • What can Associations do to speed up Bank Foreclosures?
  • What happens after the bank takes title?
  • Safe Harbor
  • Association finally wins under Safe Harbor (Fannie Mae Transfer)
  • Estoppels – 2017 Legal Update
  • What about Short Sales?
  • What happens when assessments become delinquent?
  • Lien Foreclosures
  • Typical Delinquency and Foreclosure Time Line
  • Is it worth it to file a Foreclosure?
  • Other avenues to collect
  • Bankruptcy

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Tampa Bay Condo and HOA Expo

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