Collaborative Divorce Law Signed On July 1st, 2017

collaborative divorce

Collaborative Divorce Law Signed On July 1, 2017

Governor Rick Scott signed a law that encourages Floridians to be more civil when it comes to the divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce is a philosophy that believes that divorce does not need to be a combative process that leads to long, expensive litigation for both parties. With collaborative divorce techniques, people may be able to maximize efficiency and minimize conflict during the divorce process.

The Collaborative Law Process Act (CLPA) creates a Collaborative Process that will be a new option available for Florida families seeking to avoid litigation.

For couples electing to use the new collaborative process, the process includes:

  • Each party engaging an attorney who is knowledgeable about the Collaborative Process
  • Parties AND attorneys sign a Participation Agreement showing a commitment to avoid court proceedings
  • Voluntary exchange of relevant financial documents
  • Engaging mental health professionals to facilitate child custody matters
  • Utilizing a neutral financial expert like an accountant or financial planner to determine the terms of a fair settlement

Perhaps the most important part of the Collaborative Process is the requirement that attorneys commit to pursuing a settlement to the best of their ability.

collaborative divorce process

If the parties can’t come to a settlement, the attorneys who agree to the Participation Agreement must withdraw from representation and cannot represent the client in divorce litigation.

This way, you can rest assured that your attorney is working to reach a fair settlement with the Collaborative Process; not looking to double dip into your pocket book by negotiating a settlement and then earning divorce litigation fees.

The compassionate family law attorneys at FL Legal Group understand that you want your divorce process to be as emotionally and financially easy as possible.

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