Don’t Get Slimed Out on the Road By a Commercial Vehicle 

commercial truck accident

“He slimed me.”  One of the best lines by Bill Murray from the original “Ghostbusters” movie.

Unfortunately for these Oregon drivers, they didn’t know that a commercial truck containing thousands of slimy live eels would lead them to feeling like a Ghostbuster after an encounter with a ghost.

While the reports are that there were no serious personal injuries in the car crash, whenever a commercial truck is involved in a crash, the results can be fatal.



Commercial trucks are heavier, taller and more difficult to control than passenger cars and light trucks and if a driver isn’t properly trained and loses control of a commercial truck, major personal injuries can happen.

The slippery condition on the road didn’t happen before the crash, though.  It happened as the crash occurred.

ford focus collision

Commercial truck drivers are required to meet a whole host of federal regulations regarding their vehicles and the hours they can operate a truck.

If you’re injured by a commercial truck in a crash accident and sustain a personal injury- even if you don’t get slimed- contact us at 1-800 984-9951 or Click Here to get in touch with one of our Lawyers  see if we can help you.

Source: The Oregon Live

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