Counterfeit Hyundai Parts: Test dummies get owned.

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Counterfeit Hyundai parts? The auto manufacturer does not want you to gamble on them. This week saw them launch a dramatic new awareness campaign, aimed at warning American drivers of the risks involved when using counterfeit automotive parts.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that vehicle owners work with their automotive dealers and repair professionals to ensure appropriate original equipment parts are used in the event they need a new airbag.

The team at 888-FL-LEGAL thinks it’s a big issue when a car gets damaged that appropriate parts are used to fix it. Many times, insurers will use salvaged parts or, in some instances, will use non-OEM parts. They may look the same, but this video shows in chilling fashion why they aren’t. Many policies of insurance allow the vehicle owner to insist that when their vehicle is being repaired that only OEM parts be used.

“Counterfeit Hyundai parts have been a growing problem over the last 30 years,” said Frank Ferrara, executive vice president, customer satisfaction, Hyundai Motor America. “Customers would see short-term savings after their vehicle was repaired, not even aware that non-Hyundai parts were used to bring these repair costs down. Short-term savings can have adverse long-term imlications on the vehicle and passengers, which ultimately ends up costing more.

Watch the consequences of using counterfeit parts in the video below, and do not hesitate to contact  800-984-9951 is you think you may be a victim.

FL Legal group has staff experienced in dealing with automobile issues800-984-9951 or send a message – Click Here

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