Dear Clients, colleagues, and employees:

 As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, FL Legal Group is closely monitoring the situation and we will be taking any action(s) deemed prudent to ensure the safety and wellness of all of our employees, clients and community members.

 The most important thing right now is that everyone take care of themselves and their loved ones.  The CDC, among other agencies, continues to keep the American people informed ( and we are monitoring local authorities for closings, directives and other health-related information.  

 As of this update, FL Legal Group has no reports that any of its employees; or others in their homes; are displaying symptoms of coronavirus.  Please be mindful of those in certain risk groups, ask for assistance if you need it and assist others as you can.

 We are not sure what FL Legal Group’s staffing levels will be in the coming days and weeks and we anticipate other firms and offices will not be at full staffing; therefore, we believe the following steps are appropriate and necessary in this time of uncertainty.  As situations change, we will continue to distribute updates. If you have any questions or concerns, or are having any difficulty contacting anyone at FL Legal Group, please feel free to contact me or Philip Friedman directly:

 Philip Friedman: 813-957-9112 or

Christopher Leifer: 813-957-9102 or

 FL Legal Group will remain flexible to accommodate closures and other directives from federal, state and local authorities.  The Florida Supreme Court, for example, has lifted restrictions on telephonic appearances and the like (see, opinion AOSC20-13) and some counties have cancelled jury trials and other in-person events.  Some states have begun limited in-person gatherings, closed certain retail establishments, etc.

If we all work together, remain calm, follow safety precautions and employ “social distancing,” this should all be a memory soon.  In the meantime, effective immediately, FL Legal Group has made the decision to take the following steps to ensure proper handling of all client matters while making sure our employees’ health and safety is a priority:


 We are calling a two-week moratorium on all litigation deadlines.  Meaning, we will extend any deadlines for 14 days, pending further guidance.

  1. We also are requesting, from all opposing counsel and parties, a reciprocal two-week extension of time for any outstanding litigation deadlines that may apply to us.  We look forward to those on the other side of the “vs” confirming this extension.
  1. FL Legal Group will not be serving any new lawsuits for the next two weeks.
  1. All events currently scheduled to be in-person we will attempt to conduct via telephone or rescheduled to a later date, as appropriate and as instructed by Florida Supreme Court directives and other governmental authorities.
  1. Any and all client meetings should also be had telephonically, if possible.
  1. We are also directing our staff not to schedule any litigation events to occur within the next 45 days.


 Consistent with guidance from our various forms of governments, and FL Legal Group policies, we expect as many as possible to report to work as normal.  Those who have been pre-approved and authorized to work remotely may do so. Should you feel symptomatic and intend to quarantine yourself, do so and let us know.  The goal is to curb community spread. Should you have other issues that require you to be absent from work (such as taking care of children or others), stay in touch with us while you are out.  If you are planning any domestic or international travel, please notify Amanda upon your departure and your return. Remember we are a family and to the extent we can all help each other out, be it with caring for children, or assuring nobody runs out of toilet paper, stay in touch with me, Amanda or Phil and we can work together to find solutions.  To the extent we can accommodate flex schedules over the next week or so, we will. If you are unable to come to work, please be sure to notify me and Amanda and let us know why you are unable to come in, so we can best handle the absence: Are you sick? Are you caring for a sick loved one? Are you lacking childcare due to closures? At the end of the day, your safety and health; and the safety and health of your loved ones; are priority #1.  Take care of yourselves, be courteous to others and soon this will be a distant memory.


In these times, not only does fear take hold and affect our lives and businesses, so does an interruption of a business’ lifeline: cash-flow.  We will do our best to continue to operate and collect as we have always done, with some modifications. Our marketing team will strive to limit the number of live appearances to your facilities.  We have procedures for delivering in a “contactless” manner. Likewise, new files should be, if at all possible, delivered to us in an electronic medium so we can continue to process work on your behalf with a minimum of disruption.  Please speak with Steve, your representative or myself with any questions or concerns.

“This too shall pass.”  We are all members of the same community and I am confident we will get through this pandemic together.  In the meantime, our heartfelt appreciation extends to the healthcare workers, local and national authorities and all of those on the frontlines in the U.S. and the world working to contain COVID-19.  Please know that FL Legal Group sincerely appreciates your business and your loyalty.


 Philip Friedman, Esq.


Christopher K. Leifer, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer