VIDEO: Crash While Street Racing With Baby In Car

street racing accident

A car crash while street racing…with a baby in a back seat.

We thought people couldn’t get more reckless after a Snapchat-related crash caused traumatic brain injuries, but a 26-year-old San Diego man has proved us wrong.

The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that the driver was street racing and then fled from officers with a 6-month-old in the backseat. During the pursuit, speeds reached over 100 mph before the driver exited the freeway and smashed into a Toyota Corolla in the intersection. Neither driver was injured. Two dogs that were in the Corolla also weren’t injured.


When officers approached the car to arrest the fleeing driver, they found the baby. Authorities said the child was strapped into a car seat, but the seat wasn’t strapped into the car, and the child didn’t appear to be injured.


The driver was arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment, felony evading, street racing and driving with a suspended license.

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