What Happens if Insurance Won’t Pay My Claim?

denied insurance claim

Most of the time people do not need to file insurance claims, and their continued payments for coverage provide peace of mind. But what if the worst happens and you file a legitimate claim which the insurance company fails or refuses to pay? What happens then?

There are a number of ways that insurance companies can lie and cheat their way out of paying your deserved claim.

They may, perhaps, attempt to draw the process out for an unreasonable amount of time, which is always unacceptable.

Their customers need the money from their claims to help get on with their lives and waiting forever is not an option.

Approving or Denying Your Claim

The irony and injustice in these situations is obvious—insurance companies do not tolerate late payments from customers, do they? Another devious tactic used by insurance companies is to refrain from either approving or denying your claim, which again leaves you in financial and emotional turmoil.

Third, big insurance may prove themselves wholly unethical and refuse your claim when you know it should have been approved. What then?

While it can initially feel that you are in a David versus Goliath situation against these corporate giants, you have legal rights and options of which you may be unaware. The first thing to do is hire an experienced professional at FL Legal Group to advocate for you. It is important that you have your own attorney during the negotiation or arbitration process.

One of insurance companies’ particularly dastardly strategies is to have their attorney claim to be working for the customer when that is really not the case.

Helping You Through The Process

Rest assured, FL Legal Group’s experienced and knowledgeable attorneys are indeed your attorneys and will help you through the process of actually making you whole again by making insurance pay.

Once you call your attorney, the next step is to immediately get your paperwork in order. Make sure you have copies of your written policy in hand, in addition to time stamped printouts of all your correspondence with insurance agents. It is important to establish a timeline to show that you acted conscientiously and swiftly, following all necessary rules to submit your claim.

Working Together With Our Attorneys

fl legal group attorneys

It is always best if you and your FL Legal Group attorney can work with the insurance agent to resolve the conflict, but you should be prepared to take the next steps if necessary.

We can involve the state regulator to help settle your dispute, and if that fails then prepare you for a trial. A trial should be a last resort, but we will aggressively represent you if it comes to that.

In the meantime, stay positive, don’t sign any paperwork the insurance company gives you, and call 1-800-984-9951 or Click Here to contact us.


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