Deputy in Unmarked Car Target of Man’s Alleged Road Rage

road rage

We always say road rage is a bad thing.

Things can escalate quickly and bad outcomes can occur.

But it can really turn south for you if you engage in road rage with a law enforcement officer who happens to be in an unmarked car, as allegedly occurred in this story.

Here’s a suggestion if someone cuts you off and upsets you: find your Zen moment and let it go. Otherwise, you may find yourself charged with something far worse.

“The incident took place Dec. 12 at about 7:30 a.m. The deputy was on Indiantown Road turning right into the entrance of the turnpike when Fifield, driving a Nissan Infiniti sedan, made a left turn from eastbound Indiantown Road and cut off the unmarked sheriff’s vehicle, the report said. When the deputy honked his horn, Fifield allegedly stopped his vehicle, blocking traffic into the toll booth.”

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