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It’s normal to be nervous about contacting a lawyer after your car accident, but at FL LEGAL GROUP, we are simply committed to helping you get your life back and making sure that the insurance companies do not try to avoid their legal obligations to you. Your insurance companies will have lawyers on their side, make sure you have one on yours. Fill out our legal evaluation form, and give us a call to learn more. 1-800-984-9951

Call at (800) 984-9951 fill out our contact form for a free consultation.

Here are some things you can prepare before contacting us about your case.
– Your own contact information. All telephone numbers, your mailing address, email address if applicable and a summary of your typical schedule.

– Relevant dates and locations of the matter at hand if you don’t know exact calendar dates, try to narrow it down (for example: “the first half of the month of April last year.”)Names and birthdates of all relevant parties, including:Party opponents (people against you in the lawsuit).

– Witnesses, or references – Witnesses are people who would be able to prove, by means of saying what they have seen, heard, or otherwise experienced, facts favorable to your position.Professionals (Therapists, doctors, school administrators, teachers, etc.)
Try to have contact info, like a telephone number.

– Case numbers, and location (such as in which state and county) of any pending (existing) litigation.
As well as the same info for any other past court actions involving either the same issues or people. This is also true for administrative law cases, such as appeals of state decisions regarding unemployment and the like.
Information about any reports or documents related to the issue:government decisions
court papers police reports ther notices, and official reports.

– Eventually the attorney will want to make copies of all relevant documents.

FL Legal Group is a team of dedicated, compassionate, legal experts with decades of experience. Our goal is to give you the best chance at getting your life back to normal. After giving us a call, we can discuss which member of our legal team would be best suited for your case.

There is no fee for your initial consultation, so please feel free to give us a call and set up a meeting. In most cases, FL Legal Group will not collect any fees from our clients unless we reach a resolution on your case. Please contact us so we can get to work.

Sinkholes are a part of home ownership that FL Legal Group hopes you never have to experience, but things can get very complicated when a sinkhole damages your home. The insurance companies have skilled lawyers protecting their interests and you deserve to have a skilled litigator on yours. Give us a call or fill out a form to let us get your case ready and get your life back to normal.

Bankruptcy filing is a legal process that helps people who owe their debtors more money than they can repay.

“Will my creditors keep harassing me after I file for bankruptcy?” 
After you have filed your bankruptcy case, your creditors must stop all calls and collection efforts against you for a period of time, unless they get permission from the bankruptcy court to continue.

If there is more than one mortgage against your primary residence, and the property is worth no more than what is owed on the first mortgage, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to strip out the junior mortgage holders.  If the junior mortgage holders are wiped out, the monthly mortgage payment is more manageable and you are paying close to your property’s fair market value. 

However, ask yourself, “what is the value as compared to the first mortgage…is it worthwhile to make those payments?”
Recent law changes have allowed a Chapter 7 Debtor to strip a 2nd mortgage in bankruptcy if the lien is wholly unsecured.  Potential clients have property, including primary residence that are upside down, but no income and want to save their properties.  If you are actively seeking employment, foreclosure defense is a very powerful weapon in order to buy more time to properly position yourself in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is all about timing.  Once you become employed, you can re-evaluate your financial position and options at the appropriate time.

Chapter 13 can also be used to value other property other than your primary residence, and modify the terms of a mortgage and note.  Therefore, clients who have non-residential properties that are rented, and the rental income would cover the costs of the property if the secured creditors debts were reduced to fair market value at a fixed rate of interest, can utilize chapter 13 (or Chapter 11) to retain the properties. 

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