Poll: Should Florida get rid of PIP once and for all?

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A few weeks ago the team at FL LEGAL reopened the debate on whether or not the state should bury PIP once and for all. It’s kind of a silly question, but it comes up every year.



Now the Palm Beach Post is asking its readers to weigh in with a poll they’ve posted online.

“As the article says, one of the top stories of the week has been a bill proposed by the Florida Legislature to do away with PIP.

Well certainly, unscientific and of dubious value to the legislature (contributions to political action committees and stumping in Tallahassee yourself being much more valuable), here is a Palm Beach post poll asking whether the no-fault car insurance system should end,” writes FL Legal Group’s Phil Friedman.

“A no vote can’t hurt,” Phil adds.

“We look forward to discussing this more with you during the legislative session and until then, Happy Holidays and a most Very Merry New Year to all.”

Vote below.

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