Auto Insurance: Are You getting The Necessary Coverage?

auto insurance

We often are told that people have “full coverage” through auto insurance. 

Unfortunately, what is “full coverage” to one person is not full coverage to another, and in many instances, that full coverage isn’t sufficient to meet the demands of injuries and damage that someone suffers when they get into a motor vehicle crash. 

The biggest problem is that people often don’t learn of the holes in their insurance coverage until after something bad happens. 

Insurance Protection

Remember: we buy insurance to protect ourselves in case we do something bad while operating a car or to protect us if someone hurts our family and doesn’t have enough coverage.  It’s best to sit down with your family and take stock of things. 

Ask yourself, if you caused a car crash, hurting many people, would your insurance be enough to protect your assets?  Also, ask if you were hurt by another driver, would your insurance provide coverage for you if you were injured and unable to work? What about your car itself? 

Driving Expensive Automobile

If you drive a high dollar automobile (and almost all of them are high dollar these days), is a basic policy of $10,000 in property damage going to replace it or even be enough to repair it?  What if you buy a motorcycle- could it be covered under your automobile policy?

None of us like to pay for insurance

We know the insurance companies are always talking about providing the lowest rates and let’s face it, none of us like to pay for insurance. 

But there are a lot of vehicles on the road and a lot of crashes that occur every year- some minor, some catastrophic.   Make sure that you’re protected ahead of time. 

Contact FL Legal Group Attorneys

If you’ve got a question about your insurance coverage, click here to reach out to us or call 1-800-984-9951 to talk about the issues BEFORE you get into a car crash.

Reference: Fox 13 News

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