HOUSTON, We’ve Got You Covered!

hurricane harvey

FL Legal Group joins other Bay Area businesses to help with hurricane Harvey relief donations.

One local business decided to change their routine this time around.

Instead of the usual, arriving with empty trucks ready to haul and remove debris, they will be arriving in Houston with trucks loaded with water and other supplies donated by local businesses in the Bay Area, including FL Legal Group.

“It’s really nice to see the company you work for, actually care and want to be pro-active in the community.”, advised a member of the FL Legal Group team, as our donation was being collected.

Here at FL Legal Group, it’s about coming together with compassion during a time of need.

FL Legal Group Team

If you would like to join us in our community outreach, donations will be collected at Walker Ford located at 17556 US 19N in Clearwater, until Wednesday, when O’Neil and his fleet of trucks make their journey to Texas.

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