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Whether you’ve already filed your insurance claim or not, you deserve to be represented by an attorney. Your insurance company will have a lawyer protecting their interests, so make sure you have one on your side to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

FL Legal Group’s team is committed to helping you get your life back to normal after suffering major loss from fire, theft, car accident or other events. Simply holding an insurance policy is not enough, you must have someone to make sure the insurance company completely fulfills their end of the policy in a timely manner.

There are many moving parts and things you can do to solve your insurance dispute. If you find yourself faced with an insurance dispute:


Find a copy of your insurance policy.

Your policy should include the “Declarations Page,” all “Endorsements,” and “Riders”. This will help our team get started on your case right away.

Your Declarations Page is generally the first or second page of the policy. It states the dollar limits applying to each category of coverage, and lists the endorsements and riders, (policy amendments) that you may have in addition to the basic policy. Each such addition will be listed by a code number or letter, or combination thereof. Review your basic coverage categories: Dwelling, Contents (Personal Property), and Loss of Use (sometimes called “Additional Living Expenses”).

You DON’T have to sue your insurance company to get what you are entitled to under your policy.

Many times, especially on smaller claims, your insurer will pay your claim without protest. Most states have laws and regulations that make it illegal for insurance companies to force consumers to file suit to recover their policy benefits, but you should call our team as soon as you feel the least bit intimidated by the process.

Communicate with your insurance company.

This communication should be in writing and with confidence, polite assertiveness, and insistence on your rights.

If your insurer is responding in a satisfactory manner, keep going on your own, but do give our legal team a call when you begin to feel the slightest sense of frustration, anger or anxiousness. You should never feel like you are being ignored or that you might be losing your rights.

You don’t have to stop communicating with your insurance company after hiring a lawyer.

Sometimes an overzealous attorney can aggravate and prolong disputes that you can resolve yourself. You can trust the FL LEGAL GROUP Lawyers team to walk the line thoughtfully and offer you advice before stepping in when your rights are being violated.

Hire an attorney within a year of your incident.

Circumstances vary, but some statutes of limitation have deadlines and will cut off your right to sue once a certain amount of time has passed. After that deadline has passed, you can no longer file a lawsuit to right that wrong.
You generally have a shorter time window to sue an agent or broker than an insurer. Statutes of limitation are complicated and not to be taken lightly, please call 1-813-221-9500 before it’s too late.

Don’t be examined under oath (EUO) or have an insurance company lawyer question you without your own lawyer present.

If you find yourself facing this situation, call 1-813-221-9500 immediately.

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