Kelly A. Blum, Esq., M.S.

Kelly A. Blum, Esq., M.S.

Attorney At Law

    In all likelihood, you, or someone you know, lives in a Condominium Association or Homeowners Association.  In either environment, disputes arise.  Fortunately, your community can rely on the experience, expertise and common sense guidance of attorney Kelly A. Blum.

Mr. Blum has been a member of the Florida Bar for over seventeen years.  The majority of those seventeen years have been spent representing condominium and homeowners’ associations exclusively and throughout Florida.  Mr. Blum owned and operate his own Community Association Law firm and recently joined the team at FL Legal Group in Tampa, which marks a return to the area he calls home.  He is a full-service Community Association Lawyer.  That means if your community needs a lawyer to vigorously pursue collection efforts, enforce the terms of, or amend its Governing Documents, or just about anything else, Mr. Blum is your community’s lawyer.

Mr. Blum’s takes a long-term view of the issues that present themselves to communities and he finds the needed solutions.  This strategy inevitably leads the communities under his guidance to reduce their costs and turmoil.  His approach lends itself to making the everyday issues far more manageable, such that everyone’s lives (Directors, Members and Property Managers) become much easier.  By utilizing his long-term, solution-focused approach, the community’s Board of Directors becomes proficient in meeting their various duties and the Members are better able to live in harmony with one another.

Regarding directors, Mr. Blum says: “They are volunteers. Most directors simply want to make their association a better place to live.  I make that possible with recommendations that lend themselves to long-term solutions.  The goal is to show communities how to govern themselves simply and efficiently, but if there is a present, existing problem, I am able to address it aggressively and efficiently and there is very little chance that particular problem will re-emerge.  There needs to be a finality and cure of a community’s problems.  Once that’s addressed on an operational level, the rest is easy because all we are doing is meeting our duty.”

So, whether your community needs a legal opinion in plain, easy-to-understand English, a report concerning how the statutes have been amended, a recommendation concerning how to effectively deal with a request for a reasonable accommodation, such as an Emotional Support Animal, or any of the many issues facing today’s condominium and homeowners’ associations, Mr. Blum is your community’s lawyer.