Two Killed After Loose Tire Crash Into A Vehicle

loose tire crash

Unfortunately, our roadways can be places that great dangers come from loose objects striking other vehicles, either because they are not secured properly or because of other reasons.

This tragic situation that resulted in the deaths of two people involved a tire that came off of a motor vehicle that was itself traveling on the highway.

Whether the person operating the vehicle who lost the tire was at fault for not properly maintaining his/her vehicle or if there was someone else who didn’t safely secure the tire (a tire installer, for instance), will be borne out by an investigation, likely done by the estates of the deceased.

A red Chevy Tahoe was traveling southbound when the left rear tire came off. The tire entered the northbound travel lanes and collided with a gray Honda CRV, according to Nevada Highway Patrol.
The 24-year-old woman who was in the front passenger and a male juvenile in the rear passenger seat died of their injuries at the hospital, NHP investigators said.

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