FL Legal Group Marketing Team

FL Legal group Mareketing team
Steve Hraiche

S. Steve Hraiche, MBA

Mr. Hraiche oversees the marketing department; he evaluates and develops the firm’s marketing plan and strategy. He is skilled in planning, directing, and coordinating marketing

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kerri pagliarini

Kerri Pagliarini

Her marketing career began in New York City, when she started working for a shoe company as a shoe model. The shoe company quickly saw

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zlatko z buzuk

Zlatko Z Buzuk

Before working at FL Legal Group, he worked at the Dolman Law group. Prior to entering into the legal field, he was very successful in

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Jessica Sells Attorney

Jessica Sells

This career change has been personally rewarding for Jessica, who as a teenager was involved in an automobile accident with a drunk driver.  At sixteen,

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Jen M. Hernandez

Before entering the legal field, Jennifer worked at a local imaging center where she began learning personal injury by assisting with billing, networking events in

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