Jennifer Kirkpatrick Walker

Marketing Representative

(813) 957-9194

Jennifer is a marketing representative for FL Legal Group and has been with the firm since 2015. Jennifer graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in management and a minor in Spanish.

Tampa native with a very good understanding of the local culture as well as a background in sales and marketing. Jennifer has experience working as a marketing representative on the medical side of personal injury as well as experience as a personal injury patient. Having experience as a personal injury patient after a motorcycle accident, Jennifer understands that injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents are not like typical orthopedic injuries resulting from other types of activity. She has a broad understanding of our clients’ needs for attorney services to protect their rights and strives to ensure that those needs are met by our successful, experienced staff of attorneys.

On a day to day basis Jennifer is on the road visiting and communicating with clients and making sure they have what they need from FL Legal Group. Some of the ways Jennifer helps our clients get the services they need from our firm are by helping clients to identify issues regarding insurers’ errors and/or omissions, confirming that our clients have all of the necessary documentation recommended by our attorneys to protect themselves, obtaining appropriate documentation for protection of their rights and getting that documentation to the right department for quick service. Jennifer also takes part in the planning, preparation
and execution of trade shows, seminars, marketing functions, golf tournaments, company outings, etc.

Maintaining relationships with our valued clients and seeking new client relationships are just the beginning of the job duties of one of our marketing representatives. Jennifer and the FL Legal Group marketing team work diligently both in front of and behind the scenes to ensure that our clients have what they need from our attorneys when they need it. They are the bridge between our clients and attorneys ensuring information is obtained so our attorneys have all of the necessary information to protect our clients’ rights.

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