Jen M. Hernandez

Marketing Representative

(813) 360-3647

Jen M. Hernandez is a Marketing Representative for FL Legal Group and has been with the firm since 2021. She was born and raised in the Dominican Republic where she academically received credits in the field of Diplomacy and International services before arriving in the Tampa area in 2008.

Before entering the legal field, Jennifer worked at a local imaging center where she began learning personal injury by assisting with billing, networking events in addition to coordinating the operational management of Picture Archiving and Communication systems (PACS). She later began marketing in the Tampa area for a South Florida firm, managing client relationships and acquiring new business.

At FL Legal Group, Jenniffer maintains relationships with clients by visiting, communicating, ensuring clients feel confident that rights are being protected. Jenniffer and the FL Legal Group marketing team work diligently both in front of and behind the scenes to ensure that our clients have what they need from our attorneys when they need it. They are the bridge between our clients and attorneys ensuring information is obtained so our attorneys have all the necessary information to protect our clients’ rights.

When Jenniffer is not working she is spending time with her daughter, exploring plant-based eateries.

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