Zlatko Z Buzuk

Marketing Representative

(813) 957-9195


Mr. Zlatko “Z” Buzuk is one of the marketing representatives for FL Legal Group. He holds an Associates in Sport Management and is fluent in three languages.

Before working at FL Legal Group, he worked at the Dolman Law group. Prior to entering into the legal field, he was very successful in the hospitality industry, where he managed the housekeeping department in one of the Marriott and Hilton properties in the Tampa Bay area.

Mr. Buzuk is a very organized person who enjoys helping our clients achieve their goals. He goes above and beyond to ensure that they get the upmost attention and that they receive the most up to date information and changes that can affect the way that they do business.

He possesses a great work ethic and is detail-oriented at what he does. He serves as first point of contact for all provider’s concerns and questions. In his daily visits to the firm’s providers, he ensures that their needs are met, and acts as a liaison between the firm’s attorneys and our clients.

In addition, Mr. Buzuk helps with auditing clients’ files and collecting documents required to file demands. He notarizes documents and develops new client relationships in an effort to generate future business.

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