St. Pete Artist Creates Sweet Motorcycle Helmet


Motorcycle enthusiasts: you might want to be in St. Petersburg this weekend.

Downtown St. Pete, on the corner of Central Avenue and 11th Street, to be exact. It’s there that The Amsterdam is hosting the “4Teen Helmets Art Show,” which collects 14 of the Tampa Bay area’s best artists, who’ll be donating works of art in the name of charity.

Benefiting is Riders for Health. The organization is a non-profit organization which maintains motorcycles used in the delivery of health care in seven countries across Africa, transforming health care for 21.5 million people. More information about this incredible organization can be found at

What you’re looking at up there is the submission from St. Pete artist Chad Mize — aka Chizzy. That helmet, along with the rest of the contributions, is up for auction starting at $100. Have a look at more work on Facebook.

The show happens on Saturday, March 26. It starts at 8 p.m., and the venue is located at 1049 Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg. More information is available here.

See the entire helmet below.


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