FL Legal Group Welcomes Attorney J. Seth Kerr to the Team.

Posted on: October 25, 2017

Philip Friedman and the FL Legal Group team are very pleased to announce that J. Seth Kerr, Esq., previously of Simon, Reed & Salazar, P.A. has joined forces with our firm, adding another decade of knowledge and experience.

Seth earned his Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Bloomington and a Juris Doctor from Florida State University College of Law.

Mr. Kerr will be joining our Real Estate team, assisting with Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Real Estate Transactions, and Litigation, as well as providing legal counsel to the officers, managers, and directors of condominiums, cooperatives, timeshares, homeowners associations, property management firms and master associations.

His abilities and accomplishments complement the integrity of FL Legal Group. We are proud to welcome him as a member of the team.

Author: FLLegalGroup
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