We Are Pet Lovers That Protect Our Dogs


We are pet lovers around here.  They’re members of our families, just like our flesh and blood relatives.

In some cases, we like our pets more than people.  They deserve protection, too.

But while many people make certain they always have a seat belt on or make certain a child is safely buckled into his or her car seat, they never take steps to secure their pets in the car.

Think about it- your 30 pound child is secured in a five point harness with head and neck protection, but your 70 pound Labrador is riding next to your child unsecured.

What if you get into a crash?  Your child will be far more protected than your dog, but you endanger yourself, your child and the dog by not having it secured in the car.

That dog is a 70 pound projectile that can get thrown around the inside of your vehicle unless properly secured.

Make sure to secure your pets in your vehicles when you’re going somewhere, and if you (or your pet) are hurt in a crash, make sure to call us to discuss the situation.

Personal injury cases can involve injury to you, and, in some cases, to your pets as well.

pet lovers

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