Phil Friedman on Healing After An Accident

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If you have been in a car accident or have suffered some sort  of injury, the healing process can take longer than we expect.  Many of us that are healthy and active have a hard time  accepting the down time required after an accident, but it is  so important to your long-term recovery.

A Friedman, Esq. of FL Legal Group says he sees this all the time. He recommends three things after an accident:

  • 1) Listen to your body
  • 2) Record any breaks from routine due to accident, feelings of injury that weren’t there prior to the accident
  • 3) See a Dr, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Doctor and/or Attorney.

Here is his advice for the active person healing from a traumatic accident:

“Healthy fit bodies heal faster than unhealthy and out of shape bodies. We all know that yoga improves both our physical and mental health. Many yoga stretches and poses are welcome therapeutic activities post motor vehicle accident and assist with a speedier and more beneficial recovery.


That said, depending on the injury, certain poses can actually be detrimental, particularly if practiced in the first few days or weeks of the accident. Before you can simply continue your routine, you should seek diagnosis with a professional medical practitioner to assist in determining where and what area of your body should be treated gently during your recovery. For example, if you have a cervical disc bulge or herniation, head stand poses are probably not your best idea immediately after the accident. You should also pay attention to injured areas both before and after your practice, to include the appropriate stretching and icing as necessary.



When making claims for auto accident victims, we often times struggle to show the insurance companies how the accident has affected our day to day lives. Those who practice yoga, have many a leg up as I have often found practitioners are well aware of the frequency in repetition of their routines,  Any break in that routine because of the accident or other injury is something you are likely to remember and are able to demonstrate to assist in determining the value to the injury you have suffered. So, if you’re in an accident, don’t jump to your next yoga class or think that you need to skip yoga.



See your medical practitioner, chiropractor, osteopath, or other doctor, make sure you take a free consultation with an attorney to know your legal rights, and get back to stretching and practicing as soon as your body lets you.”


The value of a healthy body is often realized when we are in an accident or injured. Healing can be quicker when your body is in healthy shape and the body awareness learned in yoga can help you “feel” your way towards healing. Take your time healing, seek help, and be observant.

It is important that you do what is necessary for the alignment of your body long-term.

FL Legal group has staff experienced in dealing with automobile accidents. 800-984-9951 or send a message – Click Here.

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