Road Rage- It’s A Bad Idea, Especially If You Are On A Motorcycle!

motorcycle road range

Short tempers, heavy traffic and motor vehicles do not mix well at all.

As the attached video demonstrates, if someone cuts you off and you are on a motorcycle, do not kick their car while driving down the highway.

And if you are in the car getting kicked, do not swerve and try to hit the motorcyclist, since karma is not your friend.

The worst part of this encounter is that a third vehicle not involved in this altercation ends up rolling over after being struck by the car involved in this altercation; one can only hope there are no personal injuries from this crash.

It also goes to show that if you are subject to road rage, you are better off pulling off to the side of the road and cooling off, lest you end up hurting some innocent third party.

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Reference: JALOPNIK

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