Roy Halladay Plane Crashed into the Gulf of Mexico

roy halladay plane crash

We always make sure to tell our clients that they need to get video of an accident scene, as long as they’re not endangering themselves or anyone else.

And while you’re not obligated to be a good Samaritan, it’s a fair question to ask whether Roy Halladay would not have drowned had people attempted to save him rather than take video of the scene.

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  • Roy Halladay plane crash
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Boaters arrived at the scene shortly after the crash but no one seemed to attempt to rescue Halladay

Those boaters were interviewed by the NTSB, according to¬†Terry Williams, a spokesman for the NTSB. “Search and rescue, together with survivability factors, are elements of our aviation accident investigations,” he said.

“Their statements will be part of the accident investigation and will be made available in the public docket when the investigation is published.”

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Reference and photo: Forbes

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