Self-driving Uber Car accident

self driving uber

Self-driving Uber Cars are getting more and more press every passing week

But as seen out in Arizona, there are many questions that arise over where the technology is and where it needs to be before fully trusting the vehicle to make the right choices.
As seen recently in Arizona, the Self-driving Uber Car was not at fault for causing the crash, but did not appreciate traffic the way a human driver could have.

It, instead, reacted the way it was programmed and a crash ensued.  Would a human driver have assessed the situation differently?  How many times have you seen a car stop to avoid a hazard or potential hazard, even though that car had every right under traffic rules to proceed?

If you are in a car accident as a ride-share passenger, who will pay for your injuries, medical bills, and lost wages?The good news is that Uber drivers are required to maintain their own driver’s insurance policy. Uber also offers up to $1 million dollars in coverage for under-insured, or uninsured, drivers.The bad news is that reaching a ride-share company such as Uber or Lyft to make a claim can be difficult. It is even harder to get them to recognize any liability and pay for injuries.

If you’re hurt by Self-driving Uber Car- or a vehicle with a human not following the rules- give us a call at (800) 984-9951 or visit our website www. FL Legal


Other Source: Business Insider

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