FL Legal Group Seminar

Board Certification

board certification
Kelly A. Blum attorney

The Board Member Certification Course is approved by The Florida Department of Professional
Regulations and helps provide new directors with both a fundamental and broad understanding
necessary for governing common interest communities in the state of Florida. Directors will become
familiar with the statutory framework and other authority that help direct recommended policies and
procedures for boards. Practical guidance is offered directors as well as the rationale for that guidance.
Specific areas of concern, such as maintenance of Common Elements/Areas, Collection of Assessments,
Use Restrictions, Elections, Board Meetings, Member Meetings, Budgets, Reserves, Rule/Covenant
Enforcement and more are covered. While it is impossible to teach a new director everything he/she
needs to know in three hours, the Board Member Certification Course taught by FL Legal Group will
provide an excellent base of necessary, core knowledge and lay the foundation for solid directorships.