Legibility Requirements for Medical Records

Posted in July 26,2017, at 2:13 pm, at the Category: Blog

In Florida, the Medical records standard requires that all medical records be legible or otherwise they may be subject to
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Florida State License to Sell or Rent Home Medical Equipment

Posted in July 19,2017, at 9:36 am, at the Category: Blog

Of late there seems to be a growing trend by the insurance companies to request evidence of medical provider’s Florida
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What To Do In A Road Rage Situation?

Posted in July 13,2017, at 9:33 am, at the Category: News Article

You have seen other articles we have posted about some horrible road rage incidents. But what do you do if
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“Cheating” Diesels- the list of alleged bad actors keeps growing

Posted in May 31,2017, at 9:14 am, at the Category: News Article

What about yours? If you thought your diesel car wasn’t a “bad” one like the Volkswagen diesels, think again.  A
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Teen Drivers: Don’t Put Them in an Old Car

Posted in May 17,2017, at 9:31 am, at the Category: News Article

Automobiles have experienced a revolutionary increase in safety due to increasing safety standards It has been a rite of passage
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Safety Costs A Lot. Don’t Let It Cost You If You Are Injured!

Posted in May 10,2017, at 1:45 pm, at the Category: News Article

“Do not let it cost you if you are injured and your car is totaled because of someone else’s negligence.”
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We Are Pet Lovers That Protect Our Dogs

Posted in April 20,2017, at 9:27 am, at the Category: News Article

We are pet lovers around here.  They’re members of our families, just like our flesh and blood relatives. In some
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Tampa Pig Jig Yearly Fundraiser

Posted in March 31,2017, at 3:47 pm, at the Category: In the Community

FL Legal Group is the proud sponsor of The Tampa Pig Jig A yearly fundraiser event held in downtown Tampa’s
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Would You Buy A Self-Driving Car?

Posted in May 24,2016, at 2:31 pm, at the Category: News Article

The self-driving car — we’ve talked about it before on these blog pages, and with fresh news about how nobody
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