Pedestrian killed by Uber Self-driving Car

Posted in March 27,2018, at 11:30 am, at the Category: News Article

WARNING: DISTURBING FOOTAGE- Arizona police have put out the video recorded from the recent Uber autonomous car crash where it
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Bad Etiquette: How Not To Treat Your Uber Driver

Posted in January 29,2016, at 6:39 am, at the Category: News Article

Many of you have mistakenly tried to get into the wrong Uber car. Well, GMA points out that the Florida
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Uber Accidents Explained: What To Do When Your Rideshare Car Wrecks

Posted in January 13,2016, at 3:13 pm, at the Category: News Article

So what happens when someone is injured, or worse killed, in an Uber or another rideshare vehicle? A story in
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