Video Captures Motorcycle Rider Launched Into SUV

texas motorcycle crash

Car crashes often devolve into “he said, she said” matters, even when there are a few witnesses to an event.

But with more and more people utilizing camera phones and pocket cameras to record video footage of their driving, disputes may become more difficult for one side or the other to dispute.

In this crash, where it was miraculous that the motorcycle rider wasn’t seriously hurt, you can actually see that his stoplight turned green for an extended amount of time before the other vehicle allegedly ran the other light.

With these cameras becoming increasingly cheap and accessible, it may be a good idea to slap one on your dashboard.

The Moment of the crash


Elizee was waiting at a stoplight in Plano, Texas, on Saturday when the light turned green and the SUV in front and to the left of him started to accelerate. The GoPro camera on his helmet captured a car driving through the red light from left to right in the intersection and slamming into the SUV. Elizee’s motorcycle plowed into the back of the SUV, which was turned onto its side by the impact from the car.


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ABC News


Malik Elizee Youtube Channel

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