Star Running Back’s Mercedes Was Totaled in a Car Crash

totaled car crash

Leonard Fournette, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ battering ram rookie running back, was unfortunately battered when his Mercedes-Maybach (starting price $168,000.00) was totaled in a motor vehicle crash just days after helping the Jaguars to advance to the AFC Championship game.

His car was totaled in the crash and, thankfully, he wasn’t hurt. But it serves to show that a car can be totaled and no one gets hurt, just like a car can have a small amount of damage and people suffer significant injuries.

But it also serves as a reminder that if you’re in a crash and you cause property damage, you better have as much as you can afford, since you never know if you’re going to hit a car that’s worth $10,000.00 or $100,000.00.

Fournette told USA Today on Thursday that his (very, very expensive) car, a Mercedes-Maybach 6, was totaled in the wreck.

“I’ve got to get a whole new car,” Fournette said. “But at least nobody got hurt.”

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Reference: Sports Illustrated

(Photo: AP)

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