Pedestrian killed by Uber Self-driving Car

uber self driving car crash

WARNING: DISTURBING FOOTAGE- Arizona police have put out the video recorded from the recent Uber autonomous car crash where it killed a pedestrian.

Originally, defenders stated that the pedestrian was at fault because she darted out into traffic and the vehicle could not have anticipated such an action.

The video tells another story- while it does appear that the pedestrian is not crossing the road in a crosswalk, she was crossing a two-lane highway with no obstructions and had already crossed one lane when getting hit.

In Florida, you’re charged with being safe with your vehicle- and a human driver here would’ve likely been at fault to a significant degree.

Dashcam footage: Self-driving Uber fatally hits a pedestrian

“Warning: This video may be disturbing to some people.”


“Uber has been testing its self-driving cars in numerous states and temporarily suspended its vehicles in Arizona last year after a crash involving one of its vehicles, a Volvo SUV. When the company first began testing its self-driving cars in California in 2016, the vehicles were caught running red lights, leading to a high-profile dispute between state regulators and the San Francisco-based corporation.”


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