Wage theft victim? You just might be.

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Do you know if you’re a victim of wage theft? According to TBO.com, wage theft typically involves people who are forced to work “off the clock,” are not paid for overtime hours, or are not paid at all.

You may need somebody to notify your employer to obtain lost wages, and FL LEGAL GROUP can help.

Often they are day laborers or work in hotels, restaurants, health care facilities, or construction and lawn service businesses. Some complaints filed in Tampa Bay so far thus far have ranged from workers not being paid to how tips are divided for servers at restaurants. Some Uber drivers have even jumped into the dispute.

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Miami-Dade County became the first government in the state to pass a local wage theft law in 2010, and Hillsborough County created a similar ordinance last month. Pinellas County started heating up on January 1.

FL Legal group has staff is ready to help you in dealing with wage disputes. 800-984-9951 or send a message – Click Here

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